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Brian Lee Griffith Guitar Bursary

The competition for 2024 will be open in December 2023.

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Brian Lee Griffith Guitar Bursary

The Brian Lee Griffith Guitar Bursary is intended to support a student of the guitar who currently plays and has a talent for improvisation.

In memory of Brian Griffith, the bursary is intended to foster Rock, Jazz, Funk and Blues inspired music.

The applicant must reside, play, and/or go to school in the Hamilton area.

If the applicant is one of three finalists, they must agree to audition, if necessary, in front of at least two judges by signing in the space provided on the application form.

The applicant must submit the completed application form, a letter of reference, and 1 CD containing a sample of their work between two and four minutes long and an audio link to the following street address and email address respectively.

The competition for 2024 will be open in December 2023.


Brian Lee Griffith

"The Hamilton music community is mourning the loss of Brian Griffith, a master guitarist who played and recorded with a wide range of artists including Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois, Lori Yates, Tom Wilson, Dave Rave and Harrison Kennedy."

  • Hamilton Spectator

    By Graham Rockingham

Why - Sharon Musgrave

I appreciate your comments very much. Thank you for tuning in and liking "Why". I did this track in one take, no lyrics, just went in there and sang what I felt at that given moment, and we decided to keep it :-)...And then came Brian on his Guitar to drop his Essence. Brian passed on Nov. 14th 2014, I miss him so very much.

The Hamilton Tigers - CopperHead

This video was captured by Michael J. Birthelmer (producer) as we performed it live off the floor at Chatham Garden Studio. Copper Head is Joe Clark's great instrumental that we all got a chance to play on for the upcoming CBC documentary...which chronicles the search for the last known Hamilton Tigers NHL.

Still Believe In Love

Danny Lockwood ~Drums, Joel Banks ~ Bass, Brian Griffith ~ Guitar, Shari Dunn ~ Vocals and Jonny Kerr ~ Vocals and Guitar

Shari and Jonny - Groovin'

Featuring Brian Griffith - Guitar, Dan Lockwood - Drums, and Joel Banks - Bass. Recorded live at Two Doors Down in Brantford, ON

Brian Griffith. Cat 'N' Fiddle. 2013

Brian Griffith warming up the Cat 'N' Fiddle in Hamilton, Ontario. June 28th, 2013

Lori Yates and Friends - Walking Wounded

Michael Hickey (Trickbag), Lori Yates, Nick Burson, Brian Griffiths

Brick House with Sharon Musgrave

Sharon Musgrave Band performing Brick House, at the Cork Town

Angry Lion - Brian Griffith & I

Sharon Musgrave with Brian Griffith live at the Cork Town

What You Gonna Do (Brian & I)

Original song by Sharon Musgrave performing live at the Cork Town with Brian Griffith on guitar

Steve Strongman, Brian Griffith and the Blues Guitar Explosion

Woman Across the River

"If one could hear could certainly hear it in every note Brian played."

Michael Hickey

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